Track By Tracks: Konad - The Last Day (2024)

1. The Last Day:

This track can be seen through different perspectives: The world is a dangerous place, extinction is a possibility. We, as humans, have the power to make our planet unlivable – a real apocalypse. On the other hand, we can see it as an inside perspective, into ourselves – today can be our personal last day to change our life and start anew tomorrow.

2. I'm the Enemy:

Most of the time we are our worst enemy. Psychological blockages, inaction, procrastination, and all other inner and nefarious actions we do to our own self.

3. Alien Punks:

We can see this track as an outside interpretation of humankind. Of some other intelligence that would see us from their spot in the vast universe. The ridicule of being as auto destructive as we are. We are the real aliens and the alienated ones. But we do believe in intelligent alien life…

4. Born to Die:

It’s about one universal certainty: why are you a piece of shit?

5. Hell's Door:

This one is about going back to the thought that by our actions and lack of human principles, we are at the gates of Hell

6. Noctis Umbrae:

Fear, drama, and obscurity in an instrumental world

7. Devotees of Idolatry:

To go against the lack of self-criticism and the excuses based on external factors. Fighting the blind devotion and salvation ideologies devoid of skeptic thought.

8. Broken Promises:

How the presumed failure can lead to depression, lack of self-esteem and apathy. It’s inevitable to face the adversities and deceptions of life with our head up high

9. Rise From the Dead:

We all have challenging times, which can shatter and destroy our beings. So, sometimes we feel dead inside and crushed with the weight of the world. At times like that we must Rise From the Dead!

10. Ultimate Aggression:

Unfortunately, human history is filled with war and conflict…

11. No Authority:

What we desire is a free and critical spirit together with an open mind. We don’t need your toxic and nefarious guidance. I like to be who I am…

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