Track By Tracks: The Lifted Veil - Genocidal Bliss Of Heaven (2024)

1. Kirkkauden kutsu:

The song tells about the horror when the bombs fall and the resulting blast wave wipes you out of this world.

2. Paradise of parasites:

In a distant dystopian future where the cities are covered with hanging and mutilated corpses, every moment you breathe you fear, people are for each other's food and to give birth to a new generation of cannibals.

3. Grotesque matrimony:

Our wedding song. When two wonderful individuals get each other the offspring is also brought into the world in the same unholy matrimony.

4. Imprisoned in flesh:

Your flesh is the prison of your mind and only you can save yourself. We originally planned an instrumental for this, but Marko came up with lyrics that fit the theme.

5. Vihalla siunattu:

Transformation, shed your skin in a fire, and be reborn from the ashes. What you were was nothing at all, now you are purified by flames, blessed by hate, the shackles of your mind are made to dust and you have attained your divine essence.

6. Harha:

Delusion being fed - life after death. No, there is only emptiness. Everyone faces it, including you. There is no paradise, no light, no rebirth. There is only death and in the belief that there will be something after death, people do and believe just about anything. It's delusional.

7. Hunting season:

Ordinary people are cruel entertainment for the elite in a world where only the few and the chosen survive and it's not you or me, it's them. We are just cattle that are locked in a cage, abused but let out in the hope that we will get through this. But it's just a sport, the hunting season has begun and you are the hunted.

8. The Cult of Deformed Sanctity:

After a nuclear fallout, the world descended into chaos. From the middle of a radiant sea, a man rose to the shore and appeared to a small group of people who deeply believed that he was the savior of the new world. So everyone was bathed in the toxic waste that ruined their being and they became The cult of deformed sanctity.

That was the beginning of the hunting and baptizing of the heretics and so they continued to spread the word of their cult until all believed in their glowing god.

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