Track By Tracks: Lulia - Acqua (2024)

1. Acqua:

The eponymous song and the most visceral on the EP, opens the gates for the record with a cry against enemies and false friends, evoking all those people who stood in the way, representing obstacles to progress. However, by recognizing reality, they could be left behind.

2. Soy (I am):

Deep and introspective, but equally incisive, the lyrics of this song convey a message of firmness in one's own identity in the face of the rigidity of the environment that surrounds us.

3. Renacer (Reborn):

With an atmosphere enhanced by synthesizers, this third song of the EP offers us a powerful message about the ability to resurface after hitting rock bottom, leaving the pain behind but without forgetting the path we traveled.

4. Invisible:

Closing the EP with a calmer tone, this song is inspired by an ethereal and non-reciprocal sentimental relationship, where one of the parties feels invisible to her partner, trapped in a limbo of indecision between resisting or fleeing.

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