Track By Tracks: Obscurial - Heretic (2024)

For the artwork main idea is totally me and Naim’s vision. We imagined the witch was tied and burned at the woods, in the Circle of Heretics (referring to the third track). Circling the witch are humans infected by the Obscurial plague as written in the song Carrion Disease. There’s a swarm of locust eating its head as you can see on the cover (represent the song Locust Plague). There’s also an old cathedral far right, which is signifying the song Chapel 666 (later renamed to Blasphemous Cult). We dubbed the final piece of artwork as The Burning Witch.
The Burning Witch artwork for Obscurial’s second album ‘Heretic’ was painted by Arifullah Ali. The whole process of idea presentation, sketching, painting and colouring took a month to complete. We entrusted Arifullah because he’s one of the best oil painter in the Malaysian underground scene, known for painting almost everything in the catalog of our local death metal band, Humiliation. Other than that, our friends also recommended him and we are totally satisfied with the final piece. All in all, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts of our new album which will be released worldwide on April 22 nd . Death to all!

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