Track By Tracks: Oxygen - A New Dawn (2024)

Regarding the lyrics of the songs, each song by itself explains a personal situation that can happen to anyone.

But the true power of these lyrics is A new Dawn as a whole, the entire album like the pieces of a puzzle when they fit together.

All the songs are linked together. They are born from personal introspection with the hope of being able to motivate and help everyone who needs it to grow.

Rise up is already quite forceful in its own title. We don't have to be afraid of falling down! We must rise up again!

A New Dawn is the calm after the storm. Follow your path, a new day will give you a new opportunity to start feeling yourself.

Armageddon is a metaphor about so many sleepless nights thinking negatively that there is no way out. But...Of course there is!
Upgrade encourages you to search and find a better version of yourself. Step by step, slowly but surely.

Cerberus is a metaphor about the monster that lives inside our mind and always shows us fear to block us and not allow us to move forward. We can train it, feed it and learn to live with it to unlock that fear.

Selecting Player comments in an original way how you should always choose yourself (your own player). the lyrics was created by a typical vocabulary used in video games to metaphorically lead you to your best choice (Yourself)

Duality is an explosion of moods. Ups and downs which with a great work we'll can control to learn that no matter what happens there will always be "a new dawn".

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