Track By Tracks: Quinta Essentia - Evolution Of Ethereal Wisdom (2024)

1. Akasha:

Akasha refers to the akashic field and is a concept where all past, present, and future events are stored in a non-physical plane of existence. Of course, there is no "proof" of this Akashic record in the physical world, but the point is to acknowledge its mention from cultures across the world and has been referenced in the past. The storing of all human information in this case could also reference the era that we have entered where all things are stored but not in a physical plane (unless you consider data storage but, that's not quite the same). Maybe this is our proof of the existence of the Akashic Record. We certainly have that today in the modern world of 2024. Ever wonder what could be done with all of the information? Except, it will be its accessible to everyone. We can be wired right in.

2. Dweller At the Threshold:

Refers to the lonely stand in the heart of the wild, where the practitioner stands at the threshold of human limitation and changing their own path into the future. Initiation is the entrance of that individual into a mystery and the ingress of that mystery into the individual. It refers to the moments of speaking things into existence and the actions that lead to the fruition of the future. It speaks of seizing the opportunity before it's gone and testing your own fate.

2. Ascended Masters:

Definitely, lyrics should be open for interpretation by the listener at the forefront and are a great way to visualize what the music sounds like. This one is about the quest to be great and wise, which is a good one to shoot for. It's also inspired by reading into Blavatsky and different societies that were seeking to channel from beyond this world and were referred to as mystics. It references figures like Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablets as well as the 7 steps of the alchemical transformation. The concept revolves around knowledge passed down through the ages from human origin. The beings of which have gone through the stages to gain knowledge and transform through the ages.

3. The Lesser Keys:

This one is about goetia which goes back to Eliphas Levi and Aleister Crowley and it got its title from the Lesser Keys of Solomon.

4. Immemorial:

Ancient civilizations that existed prior to recorded history quite possibly achieved technological advancement beyond where we are today. It refers to a global catastrophe that reset civilization. It also leans towards questioning why this information would be dismissed immediately and what stands to be gained from that.

5. Evolution of Ethereal Wisdom:

The evolution of wisdom attained from meditation, death, and dreaming. There are concepts about ceremonial rituals as well as taking Ayahuasca or mushrooms to achieve those states. Some lyrics are also focused on the natural state of evolution using the energy to achieve higher states of consciousness.

6. As Fire Swept the Earth:

This one is about closing the eyes and awakening to a new beginning or opening the eyes for the first time. It refers to the individual's ability to achieve the intended outcome by visualizing it beforehand. This song is about the freedom to alter your own course driven by your internal fire. It's about adaptation, dismissing fear, and dismissing disbelief in yourself. There's a line about the efforts to poison the sleeping masses induced to divide and conquer. There's a greater force within us all that can drive us to greatness or into the ultimate pitfalls of death.

7. Underlying Affirmations of Birth and Death

This one goes back to where ideas begin and how perception can be reality. Then, how time and growth in change over stagnation evolves into action and manifests itself in the future.

8. Beyond the Veil, a Greater Horizon:

This song refers to the ones in charge of the evolution of technology that pushes us forward into the future. Not necessarily the ones who created it, but the ones who control and moderate its content/output. It brings up artificial (or natural) intelligence potentially eliminating human beings. It questions whether this is all to the benefit of humanity or not and who should control these mechanisms.

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