Track By Tracks: RHINO - Human Farm (2024)

Hi, first of all thanks for the opportunity to be featured on BTC pages, we are very glad to talk about our latest album Human Farm (available from February 23rd through Argonauta Records) in the following track-by-track and artwork focus. We meticulously worked on each aspect of the album, so expect some very detailed in-depth here!

We would like to begin with the track-by-track focus, of course, had a lot of fun composing the songs and the meaning behind them is very special for us since in most cases the songs talk about some of our personal experiences, going in a range of mood from funny to (we hope) really deep, at least for us. Human Farm was conceived not just as a collection of songs, but more like a journey and you’ll find more than one connection from one song to another, but only if you look closely, so that’s why we leave this to the listener's curiosity ;)

Enjoy the read, maybe you can listen to the songs while reading what they are about. We wish you a wild and psychedelic trip with us.

AGONY AND MADNESS is a ride through the desert like no other: a oneiric trip in the company of Agony and Madness, driving at breakneck speed to nowhere. Like jackals on a carcass, we wait for their arrival. Everyone is looking for their moment of agony and madness. The dawn on the horizon brings the hope to reduce the pain of our mistakes and make us sane again, letting us find our way home.

The ride continues, speed does not diminish and Agony and Madness are still with us.

The story we pictured behind PLANET OF DUST is one of those “on a serious note” songs we were talking about. It is about the supernatural communication between a pregnant woman and her child, but also, it is about choices. The womb is like a galaxy for the child, where stardust and cosmic streams cradle him or her, making it a safe place -or maybe not so safe in the end. It is the child wanting to give strength to the mother, he or she would like to hug her kiss her, or touch her hair even before being born. The child wants at least to give her enough determination to face the hostility of this cruel world and the communication is nonverbal, but just by heartbeat and breath, even though being very clear. Maybe he or she finally found peace when the mother decided to not give birth after so many struggles.

Could you tell that GENTLE SOUND OF THE KNIFE is a love song? Not “just another love song”, as someone would say, but about a morbid love, a vivisection on an operating table. You can see this as necrophilia or you can read between the lines about a love so powerful that makes the lovers unarmed, powerless, and at the mercy of their own feelings. It’s about the same to love so much and to skin a body at the morgue, don’t you think?

BIG CLOUDS AGAIN talks about climate change and coming outs. What’s the correlation someone could say, but this is a story of a girl that discovers herself during anomalous climate conditions. Those clouds shouldn’t be there at this moment of the year and some thought shouldn’t be in her mind, or maybe they’re exactly where they have to be.

Many will be displeased about this news, she can’t help but think about those big clouds as well as big breasts and these thoughts are here to stay.

HUMAN FARM is the album title track that also can be visualized in the artwork, so you can really depict what’s going on here. In the last few years, we noticed, more than ever, the tendency of a homologated society, we live in the extreme, and often inhuman, conditions of exasperated globalization and capitalism that are fertile soil for brainless humans, without morals nor critical thinking. It’s like a big factory operated by this sole entity of a demigod that produces faceless human beings, doomed to be slaughtered right after their purpose is done. We got a great inspiration from George Orwell’s Animal Farm as one may notice, which is now more than ever a book that we really suggest reading!

As we previously said, Human Farm is a rollercoaster of emotions, from even Goliardic songs to very serious ones that touch a raw nerve. MAGIC WATER is one of those since it talks about a person who has gone away. Useless to ask her to wait for a moment, even trying to stop here, but she really needs to see what’s behind those waves in the sea and the dark moon in the night sky.

Too late, we are already swept away by the sea to the deepest abyss where nothingness reigns.

You can try to not let her go away, but her footsteps on the sand are disappearing and everything you can do is to never forget her smile.

We Rhino are motorcycle enthusiasts (you know, Italians..), and PADROCK talks about fast bikes and riding. For every rider, his bike is her hot-ass woman, an ineffable devil that you love to death! Riding is pure rebellion and the Padrock is where the rider makes his mind clear before shredding his leather suit to set him free.

The story of FAST RADIO BURST begins with an alien transmission. Through this signal from another planet, you can see our demons from the past, spreading chaos everywhere to the point where the entire planet is in revolt, but the outcomes won’t be good at all, since there will be no winners but only losers since someone is watching what’s happening from the TV, in the comfort of their boss chair. Despite everything, there is no retreat and there will never be a surrender but a monolith watches us all from space and what’s next is unpredictable for all of us...

The trip isn’t over since we would like to talk about the cover artwork! As previously said it is the visual representation of the title track Human Farm, by the hand of the artist Chiara Abramo, the mad concept is by the five of us. We already talked about what the theme is and we visualized the actual human factory, where human beings are generated in a production line, lifeless but somehow alive, faceless, and standardized. You can see their leftovers in a crate: their brains are piled up there, the ideas inside those minds are rotting and some fungi are growing from them, maybe poisonous or maybe full of spores ready to take over on the grey bodies of the human factory. A sick demigod operates the sadistic mechanism of the assembly line, in an endless shift where all the human race is subjugated to be no more than a puppet to be controlled at will. But something is growing from the discarded brain crate and the infection of revolution could spread from one moment to another...

Well, that was quite a trip! Thanks, BTC for letting us share with you so many thoughts and thanks to those who completed the read, we like a lot to talk about our music as you may notice.

We want to take the occasion to thank those who supported us in these crazy years, we are working on some live gigs and we wish to meet you all on the road! See you soon and behold the fuzz

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