Track By Tracks: Trebuchet SDG - Through The Dark Ages (2024)

The song "Through The Dark Ages" takes inspiration from the Book of Joel, the Book of Revelation, and Ephesians 6. It's a journey through the darkest of ages where we see the wicked rising and the signs of the end times.

"Wayfarer" is about walking by faith and not by sight; trusting God when it’s dark and we don’t see the path in front of us or where this life will take us. Inspiration for this song came from my own travels.

"Gloria Dei" describes the events of the Crucifixion in Latin. Based on 3 Italian Renaissance-era hymns about Good Friday. This song is also based on the idea of ”Solus Christus” in the 5 Solas of Reformation. I got the idea for the song in Easter 2021 after a medieval Easter church concert.

"Per Gratiam Per Fidem" is a very theological song. It highlights the fact that salvation is not by works, not by deeds of the law, and not by sight. Salvation is only by faith alone, through grace alone, by Jesus Christ alone. I take these things very seriously. Titus 3:5 / Ephesians 2:8-9 / Galatians 2:16 / Corinthians 5:7 / 1 John 5:20

"In Omni Tempore" is simply based on Psalm 34. It's sung in English and Latin.

"Sola Scriptura" highlights the importance of the Scripture alone as our authority. The Bible is the Word of God - inerrant, sufficient, without error, and the source of all truth. The lyrics quote some reformers and speak about the brave men who sufferered for the cause of defending the Scripture in medieval Europe against the power-hungry and corrupt church.

"Masquerade" is about playing roles in our lives in the eyes of other people; wearing a mask and it also warns about being a “religious mummy” without a change of heart. People might not see it, but God sees the true condition of our hearts; no matter whatever kind of show we try to play with all kinds of external things. This is also the most neoclassical song on the album.

"Paris Blood Wedding" is a historical song about the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in Paris in 1572. The murderous acts ordered by the queen Caterina de Medici lasted over two months, resulting in the deaths of between 5,000 and 25,000 protestants in France.

"Gallows" is a song about persecution. It tells a story about a man about to be executed for his faith with some medieval references.

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