Album Descriptions: Illusion Of Fate - Portals To Kur (2024)

The entire concept of the album itself is a narration from multiple different viewpoints and consciousnesses following events causing the great Portal of Kur to open. Beast Beyond Soul, Eye of the Penumbra, and Sacraments of Flesh are examinations of the inner evils people possess and the dismal outcome of letting the darkness win. Visions of Sunless Skies and Infernal End are narrations of hopelessness in the face of powers unimaginable to mortal mankind resulting in its demise. Ov Virtue, Ov Malice and Shapeshifters Among Us tells a tale of becoming easily manipulated by those who claim to have all of the answers and ultimately being met with the collective force of brainwashed hordes. Spiritual Mutilation is a song about ritualistic genital mutilation. Realm Seeker is about me(King Morbid) wanting to become a crab in the next life.

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