Band Biographies: Liljevars Brann

Emerging from the void, Liljevars Brann is the brainchild of vocalist and composer Sjelvindur, alongside the accomplished drummer Kristjan. These longstanding comrades, with a history of crafting extreme music spanning decades, united to form this nature-inspired, mystical black metal project in early 2021.

Liljevars Brann's musical voyage draws inspiration from the spiritual potency of early visionaries like Ulver, The 3rd and the Mortal and the Swedish Prog Rock legends, Landberk. Their sonic narrative is further enriched by a distinct individual essence.

Their inaugural album, "Helja Kor," a remarkable creation composed and recorded within a mere eight weeks in the spring of 2021, weaves a tapestry of an unfamiliar language, its meaning unfurling through pure sound, adding an enigmatic allure.

"Helja Kor" is a grandiose odyssey, comprising five expansive tracks and a runtime exceeding 50 minutes. It traverses through realms of dark acoustic folk, ethereal chants, intense and fierce vocal expressions, and black metal grandeur, perpetually infused with melodic brilliance.

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