Band Biographies: Mass Punishment

Mass Punishment is a four piece metalcore/extreme metal band based out of New Jersey, that play music designed to inform as well as hit as hard as the facts and events the songs are written about. They take on current events on a social, political, environmental, economic scale and talk about government corruption and depopulation with a population facing death by design and dark hidden agendas.
The group was established after Christopher Milos returned to the United States from serving in the Army and fighting on the front lines in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Christopher, having played guitar since childhood, had started writing the riffs and lyrics that would soon become the foundation of songs for Mass Punishment to build upon. Rick and Christopher had linked up having knowledge of each other sharing the same goal in mind of creating a metal band that no one had ever heard or seen before. Erick’s strength and integrity is pounded out fierce and clear, commanding the attention of the listening audience without compromise.
Christopher and Erick then sought the talent of drummer Brian Donat. Having held a position as center snare in Drum Corps & qualified to compete in 'World’s Fastest Drummer', Brian was destined to unite with the two.
Mass Punishment are:
Erick Laurino – Vocals 
Chris Milos – Guitars/Vocals 
Matt Volz – Bass 
Brian Donat – Drums

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