Band Biographies: Meifu

Meifu were born in January 2019 combining the artistic personalities of Edoardo (Lord Elephant, Necromorbid, Sickening), Tommy (ex-Vij), Genia (Dragnet, ex-Vij) and Mari (Sorelle Trapasso). Over the years they have refined a particular style that ranges between drifts of doom, stoner, and psychedelia through a suggestive sound experience that oscillates between ethereal moments and others heavier. In 2022 they released independently their first demo, promoted with an enchanting night with Messa in Florence, live shows and a mini-tour around Italy with the band Carrito. They finished in April 2023 to record the debut album “Haunted Dreams" at Audiovolt Studio of Lorenzo Bellia, sealing the long path made together with six songs of passion and pathos.

Band lineup:

Mari – Vocals
Tommy - Guitar
Genia – Bass, Backing Vocals
Edoardo – Drums, Backing Vocals

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