Band Biographies: Reign Of Fire

Reign of Fire is a crossover progressive/hard rock/metal. We are completing a concept album based on a soldier wounded in battle, caught in the space between death and insanity. He is experiencing past lives through each song, and his story will come to resolution with the final song. We are releasing each song as they are completed, giving listeners the opportunity to experience the story one chapter (song) at a time.

All the members of the band are originally from the Chicago area. Singer Joe Booe and drummer Pete Bartolomei grew up together. Guitarist Rob Christman and bass player Jim Davidge complete the lineup. All the band members have worked together in previous projects and bands. Reign of Fire was developed strictly as a recording project, but this one has a twist. This is a long-distance file-sharing project, as the singer lives in Florida and the rest of the band lives in Nevada. In fact, Reign of Fire has never been in one place together since the beginning of the project. It’s all being accomplished through individual recording and file sharing. Everything is done by the band, all recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, and video are done by Reign of Fire.

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