Band Biographies: Stage Of Reality

Stage Of Reality is a mesh up of alternative metal with groove hard rock riffs, electronic sounds, and a spice of prog. The name Stage Of Reality comes from the need to look deeper into things and try to understand their real essence. So the stage is a place where the reality is represented by the band like in a theater play. What’s the real truth? The one you see on stage or the other one?

The music of Stage Of Reality is always inspired by real-life events, since the very beginning with The Breathing Machines (released in 2014), the band talked about a dystopic future inspired by Pasolini’s Scritti Corsari where human beings have become breathing machines without a free willing, but a new generation of men and women can change things and make a better future.

With their second album called Stage Of Reality (2017), the band talked about euthanasia, war, religion, dignity, love, and depression. All the songs were inspired by local and global news that particularly triggered mass media attention.

The group is set to release their new album, entitled Digital God, via Sliptrick Records, later in 2024.

Stage Of Reality are:

Damiano Borgi – Vocals
Andrea Neri – Guitar
Emiliano Tessitore – Guitar
Marco Polizzi – Bass
Daniele Michelacci – Drums

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