Behind The Artworks: KING OF NONE - In the Realm (2024)

The artwork for 'In the Realm' is very different in style and tone compared to our earlier releases. We wanted to steer away from the darker imagery of the genre and towards something lighter and more expressive of the entirety of the album's range. After an extended search for a fitting artist, we decided to go with Steven Yoyada (, who had earlier made us a piece of artwork we greatly enjoyed! He also knows his way around brighter and more exotic color schemes, which was something we were looking for.

Originally, we had a simple idea to pitch to Mr. Yoyada: an astronaut staring into the distance with a souped-up American muscle car nearby. As we had worked with him earlier, we trusted him to channel our vision with his skills and turn these instructions into something eye-catching and visually pleasing. We're very happy with the outcome!

'In the Realm' will be released on vinyl, CD, and digitally, which means, apart from the cover art, we would also need inlay and booklet artwork. These we trusted entirely to Mr. Yoyada, who came through with some simple yet suiting depictions of space debris and alien worlds.

What does the astronaut staring off into the distance next to the souped American muscle car represent? This is inspired by several of the themes contained within the album. Self-reflection and dealing with strong emotions, the vastness of the universe in relation to time, isolation, desolation, returning home, different states of mind, and so forth.

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