Behind The Scenes: AS I MAY - The Last Breath (Official Video)

We started to bring horror elements to our songs, But we didn't think of any visuals for the album or music video, just that let's do some horror stuff.

Well, it started to look like a real problem. How you really can do "believable" horror videos that don't cost a fortune. Of course, you wanted blood and we wanted to burn down the house, so we left just one working plan and it was 3D.

Well how would I say this, but we had zero experience and 2 months time. We just did a lot of tests and had to change plans all the time. If you haven't worked with 3D and green screens. It`s a different world. The computer needs to render any scene it's really long. But after all, we did all that we planned and the result was really great. Of course, if you work with 3D. It's better not to hide it. All the scenes where we are playing and the house is burning at the same time, are amazing.

I think our video is way better than we could ever done with a real environment. The video is kinda creepy and it has a vibe that something bad is about to happen

I think we will keep doing these 3D videos in the future. We just need to find proper time to do those well

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