Behind The Scenes: GOMAD! & MONSTER - Stillborn (Official Video)

Ivan Abad (drums): We have chosen Stillborn as a single since we believe its style contrasts with the one in Ravearchy. Stillborn is an introspective song with a deeper message. Musically, It's more melodic and accessible, easy to listen to for the general public. Stillborn's music video aims to graphically represent the sobriety of the song with simple visual resources to deepen an intimate and personal message focused on very personal reflections, for which many people might feel represented.

This video aims to showcase the more contemplative side of the human mind from a slightly pessimistic yet immensely honest perspective, addressing life's defeats through acceptance and resignation. It delves into self-abandonment with a focus on naturalness. Simple visuals are employed to emphasize the message and depict the individualistic nature of the lyrics, utilizing rain as a resource to enhance the melancholic character of the message.

Stillborn's video is the first studio music video featuring the band's new lineup, with the visual emphasis directed towards showcasing the members performing in a minimalist studio setting. The goal is to avoid diverting attention from the simplistic and subjective nature of the song. It aims to focus on a simple yet profound message, steering clear of embellishments that could overshadow the primary objective: delivering a compelling electronic rock song with powerful mid-tempo elements.

We hope people enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it, and we hope the message is perceived as a celebration of freedom of consciousness. We are not seeking to spread negativity, but quite the opposite – providing an outlet to expel inner demons and live from inner peace.

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