Behind The Scenes: OBSERVERS - Frank Poole's Dream (Official Video)

Video by Helena Papageorgiou and Jon Weber for Frank Poole’s Dream by Observers, from the album The Age of The Machine Entities

The original rough idea for the video morphed out of the album's theme - a kind of twisted homage to Stanley Kubrick's classic 1968 movie 2001 A Space Odyssey (For the uninitiated let me describe the movie: primitive apes meet an alien monolith and go, er, apeshit, a crazy AI takes over a spaceship and argues with Dave and trippy weird shit happens at the end).

For the video I wanted to concentrate on the 'trippy weird shit' part of it so I put together a bunch of concept sketches and sent them to Helena Papageorgiou and Jon Weber who I have worked with in the past and completely trust to turn my ideas into something wonderful.

Over the next couple of months, we bounced a few ideas around and Jon sent me some examples of his hand-painted background art. But apart from that I just left the maestros alone to do their thing.

Helena and Jon took the video far beyond what I had imagined and I love every moment of it. It checks all my sci-fi nerd boxes with dead astronauts, giant obelisks, eerie spider tripods, and floating skulls!

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