Behind The Tracks: DIONIZE - God Damn (Single) (2024)

God Damn is a bad-tempered, slow-riffing headbanger - deliberate, sleazy and brutish.

Musically speaking, it’s all sludge and groove, with brooding melodies and a chaotic outro. Lyrically, it’s an open letter of hate mail - addressed to no one in particular, but invites the listener to consider who in their life springs to mind when they hear the reproachful lyrics.

The song was originally written in 2017 and recorded as a demo. It was re-recorded in 2023 to be the third single and opening track of the 2024 album Lighthouse.


Your mouth’s diarrhetic
Your head’s full of hay
I’d tell you “Go home”
But you wouldn’t know the way
I’ve met some stupids in my day
But God damn, some of the shit you say

God damn, some of the shit you say

Baby I’m no singer
I ain’t a sewing machine
But I do what I do
And bitch I take what I need

God damn some of the shit you say

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