Behind The Tracks: ESOTERIK - Trickster (Single) (2024)

On the upcoming EP “Archetypes,” the band examines the tropes that have woven a thread across societies for centuries. “It’s such an interesting topic and really highlights the power of language whether written or passed down via word of mouth. The legends hold a commonality that spans through time and culture. Before the world was connected by technology, these stories held the experiences and wisdom for generations to come. Whether they are steeped in symbolism or ritual, the lessons are still infused, and if sensational that only ensures survival beyond our limited life spans.”

For the first single “Trickster,” the band immersed themselves in the chaos that creates and destroys. Is it a mask to hide behind or is it a necessity to arouse the senses and inspire change? Life is never enough, and satisfaction is always just out of reach for the Trickster. Follow in their footsteps and feel the intoxication of a game that is not your own. Bring levity to those who have a greater purpose than your own. Embrace the cosmic joke that the end is the beginning. Sonically, “Trickster” is reminiscent of something you would have heard blasting in a club back in 1986 alongside “Bizarre Love Triangle”. With Allison Eckfeldt’s highly emotive vocal delivery and a grit we haven’t seen before, it's easy to get swept away in the chaos that is quintessential to the Trickster. To accompany the new single, the band also released a full-production music video on March 15th.

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