Behind The Tracks: Gentle Savage - Fuel My Fire (Single) (2024)

Tornado Bearstone revealed the story behind the track:


Sitting at home 'couch jamming' songwriter Tornado Bearstone was experimenting with an alternate tuned guitar. The main riff and especially the rhythm of the chorus kinda shouted out; 'C'MON, FUEL MY FIRE!'.

In a situation like this there was no other choice but to write a song around that phrase. After that first phrase the song pretty much wrote itself causing infectious rise of spirits when played for the first time at the band rehearsals."

Here's the chorus:

"C'mon, fuel my fire. Get yourself some rock'n roll!
C'mon, breathe desire. More, more, more..."

Tornado continues:

"The chorus sums it up and on a certain level tells the whole story in a few sentences. But the full narrative is a bit deeper. It seems like the teller has fallen in love and is inviting the loved one to join on a mission to heat things up. Could it also be that there's been some time spent apart and that's causing a little bit of confusion in the teller's mind...? For better or worse we all do know what mental and/or physical Love can do. It heats you up. Period."

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