Behind The Tracks: Horror Dance Squad - Everglow (Single) (2024)

Everglow was inspired by the book "After" by Bruce Greyson M.D., which details the uncanny similarities in descriptions of near-death experiences from individuals of all religious, spiritual, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Those who lived to share their experience overwhelmingly report a feeling of unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance.
According to the research, the stereotype of ‘walking into the light’ is indeed what the majority of those who have a near-death experience go through,” Ian Karell explains. “When we were first writing the vocals to this song, Karl recorded a good bit of what ended up in the final version, including the hook ‘into the overglow.’ I read the book at the same time as we were working on the final lyrics, and I instantly knew what I wanted to this song to be about.
Instrumentally, Everglow represents the gentler side of Horror Dance Squad. We knew we wanted this album to be diverse and reflective of all our band has to offer,” explains Henri Kuusk. “In essence, we started with the aim of writing a poppier song and then turned it up a few notches.
Karl Mesipuu adds, “No matter what you think you have achieved in this life, materialistic or spiritual, we all end up the same way, returning to the dust we came from. ‘Everglow’ is a song about letting go of the need to fill our lives with material things, and focusing on what really matters.

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