Behind The Tracks: Los Saints - Never Said (Single) (2024)

I like to dedicate this song to everybody who’s had the entire tinder experience. There, you get the good, the bad, and yeah pretty much just those but also, sometimes you get the great, for those people that end up with the great. I remember when I first got into the dating scene I was a fresh high school graduate and it was an experience, idk what kind but you know, life lessons, confusion (yes that’s a call back to our EP) and more life lessons. Basically, the first verse is pre-Tinder, second verse is post, and some, because the app isn’t exclusive to bad experiences, BUT, it might happen if you go on it looking for more than. You know? You know. Right? Shouts out to Emiliano for coming up to that addicting guitar thing in the chorus.

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