Behind The Tracks: Luna Kiss - Ivy (Single) (2024)

Ivy hones down on a riff-driven gritty-bluesy rock vibe that became a thread on our 2022 Lust For Blood EP, although we wanted IVY to hit a lot harder.
The song explores the theme of a sour love and the cloth it can pull over our eyes. The main character Ivy seduces the protagonist, blinding him from her true ways. It doesn’t end all bad… eventually the protagonist sees her for who she really is and finds his inner courage!
So the short answer, it’s all about young stupid love.
We shot a music video a few weeks back and had the joy of hiring a few snakes. The great bit about being in a band is the adventures and experience that it offers. Hanging out with some snakes for the day was both scary at firsts but super fun!

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