Behind The Tracks: Malvina - The Backward Elite (Single) (2024)

Malvina put out “The Backward Elite” a new single in which they expose the racist ideology behind all coups in Brazilian history, based on the sociologist Jessé Souza.

Concept and context:

Slavery is the foundation of Brazilian society and the nation’s inequality stems primarily from the abandonment of all the ex-slaves.

A multitude to be forever humiliated and exploited.

The concentration of wealth and power in Brazil as well as its geopolitical role as mere part of the US backyard is maintained through the elite's ideology and propagated by the media, academia, and the cultural sphere.

They promote a vision that:

1 - The Brazilian State is inherently corrupt and is subject to be overthrown - always and only when a government with progressive policies gets elected.

Historically, it was used against Getúlio Vargas, João Goulart, and more recently against Dilma Rousseff and the Workers Party in 2016.

The most recent coup was protagonized by Operation Car Wash, claiming to combat corruption but ultimately leading the country to Bolsonaro's neofascist US puppet regime.

2 - Brazilians are driven by emotions rather than rationality, making them untrustworthy. This notion undermines people's self-esteem and is used to justify the privatization of resources and industries over public control.

These ideas serve to perpetuate the country’s unequal structure in the name of the national elite, transnational corporations, and imperialist designs.

Every attempt to change this arrangement was condemned to tragic historical fate until now.

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