Behind The Tracks: Raining Locusts - Sophistical Monstrosity (Single) (2024)

'Sophisticated Monstrosity' essentially discusses how, as humans, we are prone to reason and react according to our pre-conceived ideas rather than sensible evaluation.
The obsession with sensationalism and validation of our convictions about social, political, moral and theological matters neutralizes our ability to think clearly. The average person seems more passionate about confirming their presuppositions than finding out what is actually true.
The need for integrity in this matter in a media saturated generation is possibly more important than it it ever has been, yet seems to be decreasing at an alarming rate.
The result is a generation of people who are more pugnacious than they are informed, resulting in the ongoing polarization that seems to unfortunately define the current Western cultural climate. This is especially true in regards to social media." - Royden Turple, Drummer, vocalist, and lyricist of Raining Locusts

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