Behind The Tracks: Saving Vice - The Cabal (Single) (2024)

In a way, The Cabal is 8 years of angry outbursts I didn’t have. There’s so much about the world that infuriates me or makes me sad, or scared for a lot of people. I can always trace back the root of most corruption, evil, or ignorance to the broken old ideals or traditions from the past. In this story so to speak, “The Witch of Flame” is another character in our lore such as the Twins themselves, or “The White Rabbit”. She represents righteous vengeance and judgment. The song is basically about her being summoned to burn guilty alive. There’s nods to a lot of things in the music industry that keeps people down when they should be up as well. In the shortest terms it’s about standing up once and for all when there’s no options left and fighting for the future and what’s right.

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