Track By Tracks: Arhat - Secrets Of Ancient Gods (2024)

The new album talks about initiation into the Higher Knowledge and the mysteries of ancient Egypt. More precisely, about the path to acquiring this knowledge, which the adept is destined to go through.

1. Symbols:

As for the song Symbols, if we compare it with the version of the playtest video that we released in 2022, we reworked the arrangement and added ethnic instruments. The album version was recorded with a guest vocalist - Oleksiy Syrota from the band Voracity

The song is about a priest candidate who was undergoing a higher initiation, he had to perform many tasks and pass many tests. Each test served as a measure of intelligence and moral fortitude. Those who could not pass the tests with symbols were once and for all denied access to higher levels of knowledge. No one was allowed to take the test twice.

2. Nasha Khoda Hevpynna:

The composition was created during a meditation on the Arcana "Power". Its main interpretations are related to the spirit and inner feelings, the impulse of which gives you the power to change circumstances in your favor.

We dedicated this song to our defenders, who are now protecting the people of Ukraine from invaders and terrorists, from the world's evil - which is personified by the Russian federation. This track is recorded in Ukrainian.

3. Arcana XVI:

In the classical interpretation of the Tarot, the 16th card is called Destruction. Arcana XVI tells of situations where you are forced to accept chaos and destruction, no matter how painful or unwanted it may be for you. Loss is always difficult, but you must have faith that everything happens for a reason and that life is for you, not against you. And even death is the beginning of a new life.

4. The Great Unknown:

This track was also released as a single in 2023. The album version of this track featured another guest vocalist, Dmytro Moskalenko from the band Violateress. We also added ethnic instruments to the arrangement.

This song tells us about the trials during the initiation into the priestly ranks. The price of a mistake in this test is death. Our candidate must distinguish truth from illusion, master his fears and instincts, relying only on himself and his knowledge. Only in this way will he emerge victorious from this test. This track has acquired special meanings and senses for us. After all, at the beginning of any business, we are like our candidates. We are alone in our aspirations, discouragement and criticism from others drag us down and make us want to give up and give up. But step by step, continuing our work, learning to trust our inner self, relying on our strength, and sticking to our beliefs, we will definitely achieve the desired result. Believe in yourself, be brave, take action, and achieve what you want! This is the meaning behind this song.

5. Abyss of Flame:

It is a kind of variant of the Christian Purgatory as conceived by the ancient Egyptians. It was believed that during life a person acquires both positive and negative experiences. Such human qualities as envy, arrogance, hypocrisy, selfishness, etc. prevented the human spirit from moving to higher spiritual levels for further rebirth.

After death, everyone passed through the abyss of flames, and the more negative qualities and actions a person manifested to the world during his/her life, the longer and more painful this path was.

6. The Wheel of Fate:

This track presents the universe as a continuous change of states. Nothing is permanent - old kings die and new legends are born, here and now. The message this song carries is that fate favors the brave - so it's time to act.

7. Path Eternal:

The song tells about the existence of certain fundamental laws according to which the universe functions - all of them are set out in the Book of Thoth. According to the ancient Egyptians, everything is subject to the Divine Plan, to God, to the Mind that has reached so far in its development that it has become inaccessible to the perception of ordinary people.

8. Karnak:

For 1,500 years, the Temple of Karnak was the main shrine of the Egyptian state. In the ancient Egyptian religious system, one of the most important principles was the concept of the cosmogonic world order, Maat. Since Maat is not something unchangeable and can be thrown out of balance by unworthy human actions, the most important task was to maintain it in a stable state to avoid chaos and destruction of the world.

For this reason, every ancient Egyptian temple is a kind of model of this world, in which sacred actions are performed to preserve Maat - sacrifices to the gods, prayers, and sacred chants.

Shlyah do Prozrinnya immerses us in the ancient world, where the intentions of the deities were beyond the reach of human understanding and the mysteries of the universe were endless. The main guides of the right path followed by the sages were Truth, Will, and Spiritual Power. They gave them power over their lives, the power to follow the path of insight in order to ultimately become like the gods.

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