Track By Tracks: The Blood Of Christ - Sworn Trilogy (2024)

1. The Vow:

A man staring into the literal abyss is given an ultimatum by the fiends to either give up his own life to them or for him and his future sons to be their emissary on earth, harvesting souls for the pit. In his cowardice, he accepts.

2. Feeding the Abyss:

One of the previous men's sons is currently acting as the reaver of souls, moving place to place offering them the option to give sacrifices for the pit or be eradicated entirely by his army of undead.

3. Oath Breaker:

The last of the bloodline, recognizing that he is paying for the sins of his fathers and without a choice in the matter ultimately decides to end this curse and fling himself into the abyss. This ends the bloodline and stops the scourge upon the earth.

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