Track By Tracks: DEADAUDIOSAINTS - To Whom It May Concern… (2024)

Set to a backdrop of dark synths, driven bass, and ominous pianos ‘Jaded’ is an expression of feeling a little lost in your own mind but unable to express how or why.

‘Anymore’ leans on trying to state that ‘I’m over it’ phase, be it in a toxic relationship, job, or situation that you have put your everything into to make work but ultimately; you’ve not received the same level of investment in or enough return from that situation.

3. Obsession:

The classic age-old ‘super crush’ situation of ‘notice me’. Expressing that you can be everything that a certain person wants but that person doesn’t necessarily see your efforts or worth.

4. Crucify:

The self-destructive, own worst enemy scenario is the main theme of ‘Crucify’. I don’t need or want your help to fix me. I can destroy myself on my own terms but there’s always someone to pour a little fuel on the fore to speed the process up.


Realizing the fact that you are better and have much more worth than someone or a situation has given you. No matter what you go through you are always worth something. You just need to remember who you are and not lose yourself fully.

6. Broken Promises:

Ultimately realizing that someone is full of shit and talking a good game ultimately means nothing. Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes it takes a little longer to see the wood for the trees but ultimately realizing that not everyone has the same values as you and will always look to exploit something for their own benefit.”

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