Track By Tracks: Ethereal Flames - Myths And Legends Of Our Land (2024)

1. Desperate Girl:

This is a legend about the bay of Portonovo. Broken by pain due to the loss of her beloved, a girl goes crazy and every night when cicadas start to sing, she begins to cry and run through the woods only dressed in a white robe.

2. Holy House:

The story of the translation of the Holy House of Loreto. During a crusade, Nazareth was besieged by Saracens so to save the house of the Virgin Mary the Angel's family dismantled it brick by brick and took it to Europe, in Loreto.

3. Metauro's Battle:

It is the story of the decisive battle for Rome’s victory over Carthage during the Second Punic War. During the battle, that was fought in the Metauro’s Valley, Hannibal’s brother Hasdrubal was killed and beheaded.

4. Restless Knight:

The song tells the adventures of Guerin Meschino, a knight-errant in search of his roots, and his encounter with Sibylla. She enchanted Guerin Meschino and forced him to live in perdition with her in a cave until he realized being spelled and escaped taking his own way.

5. The Witch of Farneta:

This is the story of a girl who treated the inhabitants of her village with medical herbs in order to help them. For this reason, she was accused of being a witch and reported to the Inquisition by envious women. The girl was tried for witchcraft. However, no one knows if she has been sentenced.

6. Two Sad Lovers:

The story of Paolo and Francesca, lovers and betrayers. Once Giangiotto, who was Francesca’s husband and Paolo’s brother, discovered the betrayal he killed them both with a blow from his sword. In the Divine Comedy, Dante wrote about their story in the Inferno book.

7. The Queen Sibilla:

The song is about Sibylla who decided to test the inhabitants of the village, which she was protecting, and who never lacked food and whatever else they needed. Sibylla was discovered to be betrayed by them and decided to destroy the village.

8. Pilato's Lake:

This is the story of the Roman consul Pilate who participated in the trial against Jesus. Pilate didn’t do nothing to help him, and for this reason after his death his corpse was condemned to wander for years on a cart pulled by oxen until it was dropped in a small lake in the heart of the Sibillini mountains.

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