Track By Tracks: Kayleth - New Babylon (2024)

1. The throne:

A king realizes he is like a god but his hands can’t create life. King wants to step down from the throne because the crown hangs over his head.

2. The night:

Falling in the dark is scary but you feel wrapped and the moon winks at you. Waiting for the light that will allow you to see what is surrounding you.

3. Giants’ march:

There are "giants" that march about raising immense clouds of dust, stealing and plundering everything from people. Giants much like our corporations, they know no defeat and have no weaknesses, at least apparent ones.

4. Weak heart:

When we have a weak heart, we adapt it to the person(s) close to us. We just want to warp ourself to people who are stronger and can take decisions for us.

5. Megalodon:

The predator that you put above the food chain when you gave up your preferences now smells you and starts the hunt. It has an endless thirst and it doesn't stop before your supplications.

6. New Babylon's wall:

Jarek was the hero and the wall, girded the lands of Babylon. Everywhere he went, he was feared and crowned but that day feel like a simple man. Finally knew how much a defeat can burn. Wherever Jarek goes he’s insulted and derided. People think of him as an outdated old fool, but Jarek knows, time is a mocking wheel. The time to fight will return, to go back to be the wall.

7. We are aliens:

We realize that we have arrived in a world very much like Earth. We are aliens but in a certain way, we feel at home. We want to know, to understand, to evolve. We don't recognize ourselves in this deceived humanity, we don't give in, we believe.
Cyber slaves: We find a myriad of slaves, surrendered to live in huge troughs. They toil at nothing and find meaning in nothing. They prefer a convenient lie to an inconvenient truth.

8. Pyramids:

There are pyramids erected by men who think they are gods and turn the things life gives them into weapons and death, changing their use and meaning. Little men who think themselves omnipotent, burying knowledge of how life works under piles of lies.

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