Track By Tracks: Legionary - Prison Realm (2024)

1. Question Everything:

Of the 3 new songs on the EP, this one struck me as the most obvious opener. It begins with an atmospheric clean guitar riff, with the rest of the track bouncing back and forth between epic melodies and brutal thrash, which sets the tone for the rest of the EP. This track is about “alternative media” new reporters, on social media, who sensationalize every last bit of news. They often times tie everything into a biblical end-times scenario. The lyrics call out these people and their attempts to sell fear porn for clicks and money. The chorus in this one will surprise people!

2. Prison Realm:

This is the title track of the EP and the first of the new songs that I wrote. It explores the possibility that we are literally living in a prison realm for our souls. I don’t buy into the explanations that we are given by organized religions, so this theory makes the most sense to me. How we got here, I don’t know, but life certainly feels like some sort of test, and we must overcome our fears to achieve true peace here and in the afterlife.

3. Neuroweaponry:

I’ve always heard about mind-altering weapons, but never fully believed it until the mainstream news started admitting it. This track is inspired by an article I read about China having the ability to implant thoughts, via frequencies, to anyone they consider a threat, and this track explores the possibility of this happening here, and possibly something that’s always happened. I’d say this track is the heaviest on the EP, but not short on melodic hooks either, so I feel like many will enjoy this one.

4. Arcane Divisions (Remake):

This track is a remake of the title track, of our one and only album, Arcane Divisions. The original recording was less than stellar, but we always loved the track, so re-recording it felt like a great idea. This EP blends the new with the old!

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