Track By Tracks: Lost Dogs Of Ultimo - iVoid (2024)

iVoid is the latest release by Lost Dogs Of Ultimo two tracks and a collaboration with Melbournes Political Provocateur Angus Ray. This is a sonic journey through sound using an eclectic blend of electronic punk music as a backdrop to the minimalistic but powerful messages being delivered.

The first song iVoid is all about not taking any more lies from our leaders and decision-makers as they continue to exploit us and goes straight to the point of resisting their games. It begins with an electronic robotic vibe using samples and loops as the pressure builds to the delivery of the first line “Don't you piss on my head and call it rain” then.

The drums have a distinct Trip Hop beat layered for depth that highlights the single guitar line that runs through the song with this minimal guitar style giving a greater feel of clarity to the lyrics. “Don't forget your sins” is all about reminding the leaders that We will make you accountable and this bullshit will not go unnoticed. The pressure builds as the song continues with a multi-layered driving Bass line.

This song is a short sharp shock a reminder that Punk has layers Rock has depth and Artists and musicians have a role to play and voice for the people who are voiceless The second song You Try To Listen continues with the theme of Leaders and their lies and accountability.

It starts with a very soulful vocal line Hey Now Yeah as a solid Kick drum comes down hard introducing the bass and guitar. The bass lines run solid on this song with a continuous feel going back to The Stranglers and Iggy Pop kind of vibe. The effects are constant with the instruments and samples on this track making the most of the production of the studio. This brings us to some underlying reggae and dub vibes shining through then Angus Rays starts reminding us that they (Leaders) try to listen but they really don't care.

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