Track By Tracks: Maesün - Remember To Die (2024)

1. Remember to Die:

This track tells a story about mortality, painted through the image of a person behind a clock entering into the chaos of the universe. The message is profound yet simple: embrace the finite nature of existence with joy, living fully until we greet our end with a contented smile, grateful for the journey life has been.

2. Life in Chains:

This track tells a story of the struggle against the constraints that bind our deepest desires and dreams. It's not just about the act of breaking free from these imaginary chains, but also about seeking the light of hope and liberation. The artwork is a perfect mirror of what the lyrics are about - "No more chains, no life in chains!"

3. Book of the Dead:

This is a bit more metaphoric. The idea of the song is inspired by the Romanian tale "Harap Alb" by Ion Creanga mixed with elements from the cult movie "Evil Dead". Basically, the song tells a love story where one dies and the other one uses the book of the Dead to bring the other one back to life. In the movie "Evil Dead" the book was used to bring back demons but in the "Harap Alb" the so-called "Living Dead Water" was used to bring back the main character to life. The cover represents the book which (also in the official video: ) is found in the woods and is used to bring back the missing lover to life.

4. The Weaver:

This track introduces us to a cosmic caretaker, an ageless figure not bound by any specific religious doctrine, who delicately shapes the destiny of every living being. Through the metaphor of weaving, it explores themes of fate, interconnectedness, and the universal forces that guide the tapestry of life.

5. Waves:

A straightforward emotional love story set against the backdrop of the sea. This track captures the essence of romantic longing and connection, with the ever-changing sea serving as a metaphor of love and life.

6. Fix My Heart:

A cover of the iconic track by Voivod - this needs no introduction but the track itself has its own artwork.

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