Track By Tracks: Nemus Anima - The God Of Forest (2024)

1. Talking dead:

This song gave me the spark to start writing the whole album. This song was lying in my "drawer" and I wanted to re-record it. It turned out pretty nice and got me hyped to write more songs with a slightly evolved style from the previous album. The song is energetic and has almost a powerful metal feel to it.

The lyrics are about narrow-minded people failing to see the other point of view. Just pure idiocy.

2. Don't breathe:

I love this song! It's leaning more into the style of death metal. It just gives me a good feeling. This and basically all the other songs are born when I grab my guitar and start noodling. I record the first riff and see where it takes me. I'm not an overthinker, I'm led by gut feeling and intuition. When I feel that the song is done, it is done, period. Also, I wrote the whole album in two months, so you cannot accuse me of being a perfectionist or overthinker, haha!

I'm a huge horror fan so the lyrics tell a little horror story inspired by the Halloween movies.

3. The smith:

The verse is black metal and later on, breaks out of the box in a slightly different direction. I like to blend things together and I don't like to do things just by following one formula. The Smith is a story about a blacksmith, a father of two sons struggling with morality. He's forging swords and he's aware of the bloodshed it causes but it brings the bread on the table.

4. Wisps in the cosmos:

The song starts with a piano and then explodes into a wall of tremolo-picking guitar melody.

The theme of the song is about how petty beings we are in the eyes of the universe. But still, this is all we have like the phrase goes in the song: 'We're nothing yet everything'.

5. River of Skeletons:

The song starts with a ballad-like clean guitar. This song is pretty melodic and has a lot of melodic death metal riffs in it. The lyrics are dedicated to my significant other, the mother of my son. Not a typical love song but a story about how two souls from rough and similar pasts find each other.

6. Decaying:

When the song was finished I realized that the intro’s synth part reminded me of Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale song, haha! It’s a great song by the way! Despite the fast drumming it’s a very chill song and has a special atmosphere. The song is about the last moments of a dying man. When everything stops, it’s all serene and you’ll just fade away.

7. Sheeps:

This song is totally different from all the other songs in the album. I call it a rant song.. or a punk song. I didn’t even know I had it in me to write songs like this. You got to keep things interesting so of course it ended up being on the album. The lyrics are a mash of types of people I despise. The ones that are desperately doing anything for the fame, the “alphas” who demand to lead but have no clue what to do, and all the other “sheeps”, the grey mass afraid to stand out.

8. Weightless:

And the final song of the album. The guitar is also very different... There’s no tremolo picking can you imagine?! Well.. maybe there’s a little bit in the background of the chorus. It’s a very haunting, foggy, sad, and atmospheric song. When the song “Decaying” is going towards death, in “Weightless” you are dead. But the thing is that you don’t know it. Imagine wandering in a deep fog not knowing where you are. But then you see all your deceased loved ones and you start to realize. I think it’s a good song to finish the album.

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