Track By Tracks: Paradox Rift - Ensnared (2024)

The album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Beneath the veil of mysticism and intrigue, listeners are lured into a mesmerizing and curious dimension ... then, violently transported into sweeping hallucinations of horror and despair. This versatile album is heavy, technical, spastic and style-bending. It’s definitely not what anyone would be expecting to hear from an extreme metal band based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Transcending the high energy and sheer violence at unforeseen times as the dynamic music traverses through new ideas… and even encroaches on to more of an ethereal sound and atmosphere. Taming the beast… blending the tranquil with the agitated. This new release is much more than just brutal riffs with blasting drums. It almost feels like it’s set apart from the rest of the music in this particular genre. The compositions are incredibly captivating and seem to have a wild order of their own, on top of their eerie/ groovy nature. Encapsulating feelings of panic, rage, paranoia, chaos, and crippling fear. The lyrics paint a vivid picture as the intense music tells the complex story of how it will leave its audience ‘Ensnared’.


1. Dismembered by Dogs:

“Dismembered by Dogs” is written as a story within a story. There is a surface narrative built from ideas of revenge and guilt, but there is also an esoteric meaning to some of the phrases. The listener will find the themes pulled from to be extremely relatable to battles that many of us face in our daily lives.

Sonically this piece is a dynamic balance of some of the darker human emotions. From mesmerizing swells of extreme sorrow and remorse to driving riffs of raw unfiltered aggression.

2. Ensnared:

“Ensnared” is a fictional story about an indigenous tribe of merciless forest dwellers. They set traps for unsuspecting intruders and take pleasure in performing inhuman rituals on their victims.

The groove and rhythm of this song will make even the most clinically depressed metalhead start banging their head within seconds of the intro. The intricate guitar turnarounds synchronized perfectly with the intentional drum placements really make this song shine.

3. Prophet of Grievances:

The lyrics of “Prophet of Grievances” are similar in content to the beginning of “Feral Soul”. The idea is that someone can offer you a suggestion but it is your job to consider what has been said, do the research, and then make up your own mind. Not all advice is good advice, even if it comes from a place of authority.

Musically this is a hype builder that gets you pumped and charged for action. Yelling the words “You can’t make me” at the top volume just seems to fit perfectly.

4. DoomSayer (video release prior to album release):

The lyrics of “DoomSayer” aim to make a comparison of human frailness and the will to persevere. Even during moments of strength, we can sometimes get choked out by the deep sense that all is futile.

The musical inspiration for this song draws from quite a few different styles of metal genres that we love.

5. Sporous:

“Sporous” is about the process of a human becoming infected with artificial intelligence nano-tech bots that start to take over the victim’s central nervous system.

The style of this one stands distinct from everything else we have created. It has more structured verses and unique vocal techniques that set it apart.

6. Loathsome:

A song written more or less about “Social Anxiety Disorder” through the use of metaphor. The “pit of death” that pulls you down is anything that gives you anxiety or makes you feel inadequate. The character in this story still faces his enemy's head on though it might not be with words.

Musically this may be our most developed composition and really showcases our growth as musicians molding a new sound.

7. Disfluency:

“Disfluency” is about the damage that flows from a completely depraved society. Even fighting for your beliefs becomes futile when the intent is in the wrong place. A never-ending spiral of death and decay is the theme of this short story.

The music of this song will take you on a journey. Starting off with an unsuspecting clean guitar tone, this composition soon builds to an intense syncopation of heavy and fast-paced metal bliss.

8. Grave-Snuggler:

In short, this song is all about filth by association. What we are surrounded by can rub off onto us even if we don’t like it.

This song kicks off with a robust and in-your-face drum fill that sets the pace for the rest of the song. This high-energy dominant song will take the listener on a wild ride through death metal territory.

9. Lantern:

The lyrics of “Lantern” give the listener the feeling of waking up from a concerning dream that has you shaken up. A deep sense of despair looms just around a corner, your inner being disturbed but you can’t quite grasp what is truly going on.

This one was written intentionally as a short interlude but still is packed full of fervor and emotion. It has an ominous feel that builds into an explosive release of sophisticated madness.

10. The Sky Beneath:

“The Sky Beneath” is a fabricated story about a sadistic manipulator getting caught in the web of his own lies. Though he can sometimes exert his control over some people, he will learn that not everyone will put up with his slanderous actions. Eventually, he will lose his life for trying his games on the wrong person.

Musically this song is matched well with the deep feelings contained in the lyrics. There are peaks and valleys in the instrumentation that convey anger, betrayal, and regret that one could pick up on even without the lyrics being heard.

11. Feral Soul:

“Feral Soul” is about a personal relationship with someone that goes from good to destructive.

The lyrics start with someone becoming controlling of your decisions and moving into trying to harm you or your family. The song crescendos into expressing the hurt that comes from realizing that someone you cared so much about completely betrayed you.

This track is packed with mean riffs and exciting drum patterns. The lyrics perfectly matched the mood of each section. The vocals range from high shrills to low and mid-range growls. “Feral Soul” is a crowd favorite for all these reasons and more.

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