Track By Tracks: Vrykolakas - Nocturnal Dominion Of Death (2024)

1. Darkness Consumes The Soul:

This song talks about how fragile a person's faith is. In the Islamic theology, Satan made a promise to God that he will eternally lead humans astray and he is confident because he had found a weakness which only exist in human and not other creatures of God - willpower. Willpower is a void. When darkness fills that void, it consumes the soul.

2. Ascension Of The Knowledge:

In Islamic theology, it is believed that one of the signs of doomsday is when religious knowledge starts disappearing. The knowledge does not disappear, it is taken back, also referred to as the "ascension".

3. Foretaste The Divine Wrath:

The wrath of God to his disbelievers will be fully revealed in hell. To those who disbelieves and challenge God, he either keeps the surprise in hell or he gives a taste of what is to be. Whatever calamity humans face, as a nation, is a sign of God's wrath. It is a foretaste of the full version later in the afterlife. Calamities are like a sample for food, or a single for the full album.

4. The Forbidden Hope For Death:

One of the supposed injustices of fate, a believer is not allowed to pray for death. A believer is expected to continue believing, live the fate no matter how painful, and instead hope for a divine reward in the afterlife.

5. Hind's Vengeance At Uhud:

Hind is the wife of the greatest enemies of the messenger of Islam. Her brother and uncle died at the hands of Hamzah, the messenger's uncle, who happened to be the most feared warrior at that time. Hind made it her sole mission to seek vengeance, through an ancient version of a sniper named Washi. She was so consumed by revenge she decided to carve out Hamzah's heart and eat it.

6. Covenants Leading To Sa'ir:

This song is a simple explanation of black magic and sorcery where the only way to achieve them is through making a covenant with the demons. In Islamic theology, a hell named Sa'ir is created for those who believe in such covenants.

7. Bilateral Venomous Assault:

It is believed that when a sinner dies, he will first go through torture in the grave, all through time until the end of the world. The moment the sinner is buried, his soul will be brought to the Barzakh, while his body will go through the process of decay. However, the soul goes through another dimension when it is tortured in the form of the scorpion and the serpent. It is not clear whether this happens before or after the appearance of Munkar and Nakir, the 2 angels who are tasked to question the person's faith and to torture him if he fails to answer.

8. From Hellfire Comes The Spawn:

We wrote this song to fulfil the title of our debut album - Spawned From Hellfire And Brimstones. We also wrote this song to display one of our influences while growing up - SEPULTURA during the "Schizophrenia" era. So expect this song to show similarities to the song "From The Past Comes The Storms", from the song title, to the melodies and songwriting.

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