Band Biographies: Announce The Apocalypse

Announce The Apocalypse was formed in 2016 in Metropolitan Detroit by frontman and guitarist, Dominic Ryan Gabriel. The band’s original line-up released their debut LP, Ruins in 2017, and the following year, an EP, Riots (2018). In 2020, Dominic relocated to Tampa, Florida, and continued to Announce The Apocalypse on his own. At the Gates drummer Adrian Erlandsson was recruited to provide session recordings for the second full-length record, Nefarious Means (2021).

Recorded in the spring of 2021 at the legendary Morrisound Studios, Nefarious Means received critical acclaim from online sources and was listed as #42 in a notable 2021 'Top 50 ExtremeE Metal Albums' ranking. Following the release of Nefarious Means, Dominic recruited Shawn Loureiro (bass), Kelly Byrnes (guitar), and Adrian Baptist (drums), completing the band’s new line-up and developed sound. With this new roster, the group has begun to make waves in the central Florida metal scene by bringing their brand of progressive, melodic, and intense music to numerous venues and most recently performed sold-out appearances opening for Monstrosity and Obituary. They have often been compared to Death, Gojira, Atheist, and Slayer throughout the Florida scene.

Announce The Apocalypse has completed its upcoming third full-length LP, Experience Machine, a concept album infusing thrash, death, and progressive elements in an unprecedented and accessible way. The band has a desire to break new ground in metal and bring new creative twists to their music while still maintaining an aggressive tone and performance that will appeal to fans of extreme metal, hard rock, and prog rock. With the upcoming release of Experience Machine, Announce The Apocalypse is ready to solidify itself as the fresh voice of metal that the world has been waiting for.

Announce The Apocalypse are:

Dominic Ryan Gabriel – Guitar/Vocals 
Shawn Loureiro – Bass 
Kelly Byrnes – Guitar 
Adrian Baptist – Drums

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