Band Biographies: BRAIN PAIN

What sound do your thoughts taste like?

Have you ever listened to an Apricot?

That’s what Brain Pain have been synthesizing since 2021, in their secret laboratory in the middle of the woods.

It all came together in their first work “THE MAGAZINE”, a four-wheel journey through the multiverse of thoughts, a trip that released a soundscape that crosses musical boundaries while still maintaining a common heavy path.

A healing process that has just begun to free da brain from a di pain.

Taking inspiration from musical goliaths such as Alice in Chains and Faith No More, they bring their heavier thoughts into music, in a relationship of reflection between the listener and themselves. They think so you can think too.

This loud machine is driven by:

- Daniele Bicego, Lead Vocals & Second Guitar
- Alex Besco, Bass & Jokes
- Giorgio Lovato, Drums & Special FX
- Antonio Zordan, Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals


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