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Kingsport, Tennessee, USA’s brutal and unrelenting death metal act Chunked are pleased to announce their signing with Gore House Productions for the digital release of their EP “Inhaling the Infestation”. The record is a knuckle-dragging testament to primitive death metal and is set to drop digitally on March 15th and physical CD / Cassette on May 3rd, 2024.

Founded in 2023 by the visionary Arian Mauk, Chunked emerged with the sole purpose of crafting a personal favorite in the realm of death metal—something heavy, simple, and undeniably powerful. Initially intended as a one-off project, Chunked gained unexpected traction, leading Mauk to assemble a full band and continue the journey into the abyss of primal, visceral sound. He shares his thoughts on the upcoming release:

“This EP is a simple and effective type of death metal with no extra flair. Death metal down to its core. I wanted to create a memorable experience with this EP. With tracks like “Liquid Cranial Detonation” and “Concrete Veins” being shorter and catchier, and tracks like “Inhaling the Infestation” being more well structured and longer. For our next release, which will be a full-length, our fans can expect a minimum of 30 minutes of material.”

The artwork for “Inhaling the Infestation” is a cave outline that perfectly encapsulates the cavernous and chunky death metal that Chunked delivers—a no-frills, down-to-the-core death metal experience. It will make fans drag their knuckles on the ground like a Neanderthal and de-evolution back to their primitive state. It is recommended for fans of Mortician, Sanguisugabogg, and Torsofuck.

Shared Stage with: Angel Massacre, Deceit, Retribution, Raptured, Chained, Pressure Point, Every Promise Kept, lawofinertia, Autumn Lies Buried, Quiscent Mantis, Warclown, Dielation, Clockwise

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