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The origins of HOLYCIDE can be found back in 2004 before the new wave of Thrash Metal exploded massively when Dave Rotten (AVULSED) wanted to start up a Thrash Metal project for what he joined Vicente J. Payá from UNBOUNDED TERROR/GOLGOTHA on guitars. The intention, from the very beginning, was to create a very aggressive kind of Thrash, exempt from commercial touches and focusing on the intense side of this kind of music.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, including a retry in 2009, it could not come to fruition until the spring of 2012, when a new guitarist named Miguel Bárez joined the project. In the summer of 2013, bassist Daniel Fernández joined the band, thus recording the 1st demo “No Escape” in December of the same year. Already in February 2014 two new members joined HOLYCIDE, becoming a complete band with Jorge Utrera (drums) and Salva Esteban (guitar). HOLYCIDE's first EP, titled "Toxic Mutation" was recorded during the second half of 2014 and released in February 2015 through Xtreem Music on CD and Cassette formats. During that year and the first half of 2016, HOLYCIDE played some local shows and wrote 9 new songs and a cover of DÉTENTE for their debut album "Annihilate... Then Ask!" which was finally recorded during the summer of 2016 and released on CD, 12"LP, and Cassette through Xtreem Music in February 2017.
HOLYCIDE was busy playing across Spain (and one show in Italy) during 2017-2019 presenting their new album, sharing the stage with bands like FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, ONSLAUGHT, D.R.I., HELSTAR, EXUMER, TRALLERY, ASOMVEL, NO RETURN, GOD DETHRONED, ALKOHOLIZER and many others. At the same time, a new album was being written and between April-July 2019, HOLYCIDE entered again Cadillac Blood Studios to record their 2nd full-length album “Fist to Face” to be released on February 14th, 2020 through Xtreem Music (CD/12”LP/Cassette - World), MDD Rec. (CD - G/A/S) and Spiritual Beast (CD - Japan). Since the album came out coinciding with the start of the covid-19, "Fist to Face" has not been able to be presented live and it is in 2022 when HOLYCIDE intends to "relaunch" said work.

In August 2022, the first line-up change in HOLYCIDE took place with the departure of Dani Fernández for family reasons, and in his place Vicente J. Payá (UNBOUNDED TERROR, GOLGOTHA, DECRAPTED, BIS·NTE, etc...) enters, who in fact, together with Dave Rotten, they formed HOLYCIDE back in 2004, so the circle is closed, and everything stays at home again!! In March and June 2023, due to personal issues, drummer Jorge Utrera and guitarist Miguel Bárez left the band respectively, Santi Arroyo "GoG" joining on drums and HOLYCIDE remaining as a quartet before the recording of the new EP "Bazookiller" which took place between March and August of this year, for its release in September through Xtreem Music.

This new EP means the beginning of a new stage in the band, since now it will be Salva Esteban and Vicente J. Payá, the main writers, who will contribute new ideas for the composition of the 3rd album that will be produced during the second half of 2023 to be released in mid- 2024. In October 2023, a 2nd guitarist called Ankor Ramírez joined the band replacing Miguel Bárez, so the sound of HOLYCIDE is now again complete for live shows!!

Between November 2023 and March 2024, HOLYCIDE worked hard in the composition and recording of the new album entitled “Towards Idiocracy” which was totally finished in early April and set for a release on 6.6 at 6pm (the international day of Slayer!) again through Xtreem Music. This album is the band’s “Reign Blood”!! Stepping up to the next level with higher standards of intensity, this is 100% pure Thrash without any kind of modern trendy elements, just the way it was originally conceived by bands that have influenced the HOLYCIDE’s sound like Dark Angel, Morbid Saint, Atrophy, D.R.I., Infernäl Mäjesty, Exodus, Sepultura (Beneath/ Arise), Vio-Lence...

So far, 2024 comes with great plans and goals, not only with the release of the new album, but with the return to the stage with two confirmations at super-festivals such as Rock Imperium (Spain), Obscene Extreme (Czech Rep.), Kanekas Metalfest (Spain) and a few more surprises coming up.

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