Band Biographies: Mom Ame


Our name translated from French into Italian means: my soul.

In these three words is enclosed the essence of our musical project, that is to bring back in our songs all our most intimate emotions, feelings, and experiences. 

Long story short, a whole world that is inside us, enclosed in our emotional being called soul, where the least common denominator is LOVE in its broadest meaning.

The purely British and dark sounds of the guitar, where noise and melody are intertwined in an indissoluble embrace, supported by the rhythmic power of the drums, amalgamate with our hermetic and introspective lyrics giving life to the music, or rather the ROCK LITERATURE of MON ÂME, as we love to call it ourselves. Yes, we call ourselves Rock Poets, because like all poets we want to share our emotional abyss with you through our music.
These are us, these are the MON AME

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