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In 1983, the local Australian hard/heavy music scene had long been dominated by the ‘pub rock’ style of bands like Rose Tattoo and AC DC, but the influence of the NWOBHM era was being felt in a new generation of local bands. Nothing Sacred were a key part of the new wave of Australian bands that recognized this and quickly rose through the local ranks. A fierce reputation was forged from constant gigging, built on a live show that was uncompromising and relentless. The band toured the east coast of Australia which culminated in them headlining the 1986 Metal for Melbourne festival – a local/unsigned bands-only event that pulled over 1,400 people on the day.

Along with their touring schedule, the band self-released two records during the 80s. The 4-track ‘Deathwish’ EP, and the full-length ‘Let Us Prey’ album. Both became cult favorites, the entire recording and mixing completed in just 4 days. The band also reached out to Motorhead artist Joe Petagno (Overkill, Bomber) who donated a piece called “Sacred Lay” which became the cover artwork. With the album done, the next step appeared to be in sight when the band landed a support slot on Megadeth’s first Australian tour. Alas, plenty of preparation came to a sudden halt when the tour was canceled due to concerns about Dave Mustaine’s health.

Shortly afterward, three of the original members, Woolley, Sham, and Karl were approached by Peter Hobbs to act as his backing band to record a demo for what would eventually become “Hobbs Angel of Death”. The demo sessions were completed, and Hobbs secured a record deal in Germany. He invited the band members to join him full time but whilst Sham and Karl preferred to stay with Sacred, Woolley took the opportunity and left. Sacred continued for a few more years but, as with the rest of the world, the Australian music scene shifted, and by the early 90s the band was almost dormant. Sacred gigs were few and far between but ticket sales always increased when they were added to a bill.

Fast forward to the 2000s and a new generation of Metal fans were discovering the past. Sacred decided to get back together with a focus on writing and recording new material and playing selected high-profile gigs. The announcement pricked ears and suddenly Sacred was at the fore of the Metal music scene again, both Sham and Karl being requested to appear in the 2014 Metal Downunder documentary, discussing the rise of Metal in Australia during the 80s. The documentary appearance led to an invitation by a prominent Metal promoter to play in Japan. Overawed by the reception, they decided there was still a demand for them to be seen and heard.

In 2020, a 7″ red vinyl single was released as a preview for the “No Gods” album, the first full-length recording in over 30 years. A boxset was also released, distributed across Europe and South America, that contained unreleased outtakes from the original Deathwish EP, and the Japan show on DVD. In 2023 a 6-track EP titled “Leviathan” was released on CD.

2023/2024 Nothing Sacred has been busy picking up international support with Udo Dirkschneider, Metal Church, Paul Dianno, and co-headlining the Metal United Down Under Festival. The band is currently preparing for their first-ever European tour starting late July at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany.

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