Band Biographies: Punks Of The Empire

Punks Of The Empire started as a studio project between very unlike musicians with a hefty goal of mixing different styles into a brutal metal package. They began their journey with a thrashy Anthrax hit Why We're Empty, which caught a lot of attention, and from there, there was no turning back. Punks Of The Empire released a brutal 4-titled EP Facade in 2021 and started, in that same year, writing their debut album Gehenna.
Gehenna is a concept album filled with twists and turns in musical style and is atmospheric with trivia about existence. The story is a dark path of sorrow, turned into hate, the blinded act of violence, and the nonstrategic path of remorse. The album was written and recorded in 2022-2023 and is due out via Sliptrick Records in the near future.
Punks Of The Empire are:
Guðmundir Magni Ásgeirsson – Vocal
Hörður Halldórsson – Guitar
Sveinn Ríkarður Jóelsson – Guitar
Stefán Gunnarsson – Bass
Hinrik Þór Einarsson – Drums

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