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Symphress was founded in 2015 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, initially as an acoustic-ambient project. However, their musical vision soon evolved, and by the spring of the same year, they had transitioned into a force in the progressive and symphonic rock and metal scene. Their debut concert in 2016 at Flying Circus Pub marked the beginning of a remarkable journey, with subsequent performances at well-known venues like Irish Music Pub in 2017 and Arca Bar in 2018. By the summer of 2018, Symphress was gracing stages at prestigious Romanian festivals such as Valea Străjii Motorfest, Bucovina Rock Castle, and the renowned Celtic Transylvania Fest. Dedicated to creating original music, Symphress released their debut album, "Father Time – Part I," on March 22, 2023. This ambitious work, inspired by classic prog rock operas but infused with a symphonic twist, features 14 tracks that traverse a wide array of genres. Available on all major streaming platforms, the album's success propelled them to the finals of the Rock the Camp Battle of the Bands, showcasing their versatility and exceptional talent. October 2023 saw the release of "Dewsong", a single that ventured into the realms of 90s British alternative rock. In December 2023, Symphress honored the late Viorel Simionca, former vocalist and keyboardist of Romanian rock band Nordica, with their EP "Un Cântec Simplu," which includes a cover of a 2003 rock ballad by said band, along with two new instrumental tracks.

In early 2024, Symphress unveiled their sophomore album, "Pseudo," released on February 26th, featuring five new compositions that highlight their musical evolution and maturity. To promote the album, they embarked on a tour across various Romanian cities, tour which culminated in performing at the well-known Metal Ladies Night IX at Club Quantic, Bucharest. During the tour, Symphress shared stages with exciting new bands such as German symphonic power metal group Maesün, but also notable acts like Norwegian band Sirenia, Cemetery of Scream from Poland, or Romanian death metal band Gothic. The summer of 2024 brought the Symphonic Summer Nights mini-tour, further expanding their presence at festivals and venues across Romania.

Symphress is a band that resonates deeply with fans of Nightwish, Dream Theater, Opeth, and similar iconic groups. Their commitment to originality and their unique blend of symphonic and progressive rock/metal continue to captivate and inspire audiences. With each performance and release, Symphress reaffirms its place as rising stars in the Romanian music scene, driven by creativity and dedication to artistic excellence.

Symphress means:

Sergiu Botezatu – vocals
Andrada Hofmeister – vocals
Mihai-Dan Brici – guitars, vocals
Paul Trif – guitars
Alex Cosma – bass
Alex Titieni – drums, percussion

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