Band Biographies: Verso

On the eve of the release of their first album entitled “Éclats”, Verso returns after three years of absence to position itself, once again, against the current of the traditional metal scene. “Atypical” might not be enough to describe the astonishing musical universe of the family duo Frédérique & Gauthier Delbarre (aka Sardinas & RoyalG). Their cinematic alternative metal with doom and melodic tendencies is crossed by many influences. Drawing from rock, black metal and even pop, Verso doesn’t hold back and has no other interests than to offer sincere and uncompromising music.

With a first EP “Inéluctable” released in spring 2020, the mother-son combo, from Hauts-de-France, are now banking on texts exclusively in French, giving impact to painful and intense lyrics. Two voices, diametrically opposed, mingle with a multi-faceted instrumentation, strengthening the work by giving it an emotionally powerful dimension.

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