Behind The Artworks: Adelon - Resurgence (2024)

So the artwork was created using Midjourney and using lyrics from the song “Crimson Luminescence” as a prompt for the first tests. We created a lot of different images like this, and after a few attempts, we chose one that was close to what we wanted. We then sent the image back into Midjourney with different prompts to reach something closer to the overall themes of the EP.

What we ended up with is this giant planet made of boiling blood floating in a maelstrom of physical and ethereal matter. The EP starts and finishes with the sound of water, it was important that this element needed to be part of the visual identity of the cover art. Water is an ever-changing element and is used as a motif in the EP to symbolize the fact that nothing stays the same forever.

Because the artwork was made using AI, we have our own interpretation of it. The red orb in the middle was pretty powerful for me, as I felt like it depicted very well the notion of unresolved trauma or issues kept hidden. Like a knot of flesh and blood stuck deep within our body, corrupting slowly everything around it. We try to combine different layers of reality and perception in the lyrics as well, some can be very down-to-earth descriptions of everyday life while some are more abstract. Merging the physical and immaterial is hinted at in the title of the song Monisme.

The EP's title, "Resurgence," refers to problematic topics that resurface after being hidden, addressing psychological, environmental, and societal issues. It’ll be pretty striking for some, but we were very inspired by the album cover by the German band “Obscura.” Their album Diluvium was a very important album during a certain period in my musical life and I kinda wanted to pay homage this way.

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