Behind The Artworks: Arhat - Secrets Of Ancient Gods (2024)

The ancient gods, who were abandoned and forgotten by mankind, now step from eternity into the darkness of our world. Their sacred temples, once majestic and powerful, now lie broken and desolate, and thieves and looters devour the last traces of their ancient glory.

Altars have been desecrated, ancient rituals have sunk into the darkness of time, and people have forgotten their names.

What awaits the gods in oblivion? If they decide to take revenge for human treachery, will they remain unchanged when they return after thousands of years of oblivion?

Anubis, the ruler of the netherworlds and guardian of eternal darkness, is on the hunt. The time has come for a sacrifice that will restore some of his lost might and allow him to regain his power over this world.

The cover features Seth, Anubis, and Bastet, ancient deities. Their rebirth brings with it terrifying consequences, as they bring not only retribution for their oblivion but also a new era of mysterious rituals of revenge and bloody victimization.

Their return signifies the beginning of a new order, as well as unprecedented horror that intersects with solemn frankness. Along with them come other forgotten gods and demigods to re-emerge to show the world their power and might.

Returning after thousands of years of oblivion, they have changed, they want to take revenge on humanity for their imprisonment. A new era begins, an era of dark gods who do not want to return to oblivion.

Viktor Gudkov worked on the artwork, it was a joint creative process. In our opinion, the cover turned out to be successful because it adds depth and poignancy to the musical and lyrical components of the album.

The cover masterfully captures not only the depth but also the horror and hopelessness of this new world and its deities.

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