Behind The Artworks: The Magic Bus - Μέρος της Γιορτής (Single) (2024)

The Magic Bus’ latest release is the single “Μέρος της Γιορτής” (Meros tis Giortis / Part of the Celebration), which is a rock anthem composed for the “Town by the River Festival” of Livadia city, Greece.
The band is always willing to combine their music with artwork and thus the song has its own cover art, once again created by the hand of Sotiris Kotsonis - who also had the main idea on what to draw!
Since the track itself is a joyful, up-tempo rock song which lyrically captures the Festival’s artistic essence, the cover art was decided to be no different! Therefore, it’s colorful, easy on the eye, with a couple of references here and there - such as the bus’ tire marks and all the blue color pallet in the lines that refer to the city’s river.

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